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ESG & Carbon Credits

Morgan's Grocer is the world's 1st Supermarket to generate Carbon Credits and produce Zero Waste


Morgan's Grocer will use 10% of its Carbon Credit income and 10% of its operating profits to work with Global NGO's to replant sustainable forests in deforested areas to accelerate the re-establishment of biodiversity and a sustainable ecosystem.

Go Green on Deliveries

Morgan’s deliveries will be made on electric vehicles and where possible autonomously.

We will use sustainable materials for our delivery packaging. We are partnering with leaders and innovators in autonomous deliveries in order to fast track placement.

Smart Floors

With the use of our smart floors we will convert your kinetic energy into electricity

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

To minimise customer journeys, we are activating scan screens in high traffic railway stations, metro stations & bus stops. We are also placing interactive touchscreens in the lobbies of commercial & residential blocks. 

Carbon Footprint

Be part of the world's 1st Carbon Credit generating supermarket –


“Reduce your carbon footprint, reduce wastage”

Changing Supermarket Operations

“No more supermarket refrigeration units, no more polluting delivery trucks”

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