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Revolutionise Your Business with MorgansTek Platforms

Control Costs, Engage Customers and Optimize Operations with our Platforms and Technology

Operations Optimization

Our platforms can accelerate your operations, reduce wastage, increase automation and increase touch points with your customers leveraging the latest IoT and cloud technologies. 

Cost Control

Overheads for a traditional supermarket can easily spiral out of control - we have the ability to setup a full supermarket at a fraction of the regular floor space, reduced power, refrigeration and manpower needs and at locations closer to customers all at a small fraction of the cost.

Data Analytics

Our data analytics platform enables businesses to gain a 360-degree view of their operations to make informed decisions and accelerate go to market strategies, enhancing engagement with your customers.


At MorgansTek, we believe that effortless customer experience and maximising customer touch points are key to the success of any business. Moreover, with in-store crime and both customer and staff safety issues on the rise, our solutions can virtually eradicate these concerns.


M-commerce solution used for marketplace or independent businesses:

  • Customer centric, mobile application

  • Available on Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Huawei Store

  • Complete retailer shopping experience compatible with with over 60,000 SKU’s

  • Realtime product availability and price comparison

  • Profile driven assortment

  • Wallet solution


E-commerce solution for marketplace or independent businesses:

  • Complete end-to-end retail solution

  • Retailers and merchants are linked through a live inventory solution

  • Realtime product availability and price comparison

  • Wallet solution


The ultimate delivery logistics solution to integrate in-house, external and part-time logistics partners:

  • Geofence location-based order allocation

  • Real-time traffic and database management

  • Real-time updates (delivery status, product availability and store capacity and workload)

  • Built-in scheduling and driver verification system

  • In-store direction and location tracking solution

  • 3D store planogram mapping


POS solution that can be freely relocated onto any Android device:

  • Inventory based solution

  • Designed to mirror a stand-alone POS solution

  • Dark store picking capabilities

  • Geo-terrain scalability as hub or multisite

  • Best sellers, deadstock, minimum stock holding and sales forecasting

  • Supplier listings and product allocations

Loyalty Solution

An end-to-end Loyalty solution:

  • Loyalty solution utilising hierarchical points

  • Conversion from loyalty points to wallet cash

  • Customer behaviour tracking

  • Multi-value product points linked to marketing programs

  • Coupon/voucher redemption to points

Mobile Retailer

For retailers with stores on the go:

  • Location scheduling based on sales history

  • Automated stock allocation

  • Inventory management solution with seasonal and geo-location forecasting

Scanning Store

Complete in-store scanning solution for customers:

  • QR code & Barcode scanning

  • 3D image recognition

  • Scan, pay & schedule delivery function (Customer)

  • Recommended shopping list

  • Favourites shopping list


End-to End B2B solution:

  • ​Complete inventory based solution

  • Forecasting and sales-based order generation

  • Wholesaler/Distributor/Retailer classifications

  • Captures import duties, freight costs and storage costs 

Picking Solution

Warehouse/Retail picking solution:

  • Ultra-fast picking solution

  • Q-commerce compatible

  • Multi-pick single order-based picking method

  • Inventory linkage

  • Scheduled and instant picking functions

  • Review & cross-check function

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