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Morgan's Grocer App

Our marketplace app is designed to provide our customers with a hyper personalized shopping experience using AI-commerce, predictive analytics and dynamic recommendations.

Go Green on Deliveries

Morgan’s deliveries will use electric vehicles and, where possible, autonomously.

Our delivery packaging will be made of sustainable materials.

Bringing Supermarkets To You

Opening stores at your local public transport stations and bus stops.


Interactive touchscreens in lobbies commercial and residential blocks.

Making Shopping Easy

Order from the comfort of your home or scan products at a local supermarket to have your groceries delivered to you

Supermarket in your pocket

With over 30,000 grocery products you have an entire supermarket in the palm of your hand

Profile Driven Assortment

We have the world’s 1st Profile driven shopping assortment driven by your profile requirements. So if you have allergies, health or religious requirements, simply add your requirements to your profile and we take care of the rest.

Total Bill Comparison

Compare your total shopping bill with all leading supermarkets and decide where you want to shop. Once you decide which will save you the most money, choose that supermarket and your entire shopping basket will be purchased from that very supermarket.

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