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Zero waste, Zero pilferage,

Zero shrinkage

All in One

Our scanning supermarket leverages cutting-edge technology to reduce waste and increase efficiency all whilst generating carbon credits.

Ease of Shopping

Scan your way through our supermarkets and say "Goodbye" to Trolleys, Queues and Carrying Groceries Home

Customer Experience

Get the true experiential

feeling of being in a supermarket, smell the aroma of fresh coffee and freshly baked bread without the hassle.

Key Statistics

Shrink a standard 60,000 sqft supermarket to just 3,000 sqft. Generate 4x as much sales per SqFt. Sell over 25,000 SKU's for 70% higher margin.

Zero wastage, Zero pilferage, Zero shrinkage

Off The Grid

We will generate enough power within our store to run an Off The Grid model. This will be achieved through customer kinetic energy and solar panels.

Emissions Data

Energy Consumption                                80 Kwh / yr

Naturel Gas                                                  0 CO₂/MMBtu

Transportation                                            0 TN

Refrigeration                                               0 MT

Waste                                                            0 MT

Total CO₂ (MT)                                              80

​Zero Emissions

Morgan’s Grocer
vs standard supermarket

CapEx cost of a Morgan’s store:                         88% less

Monthly OpEx of a Morgan’s store:                   99.7% less

Customer Pilferage in a Morgan’s store          US$ 0

Fresh food wastage in a Morgan’s store         0 Kg

Carbon Credit generation                                   3,566/yr/st

Customer Data collection                                   100%

Morgan’s Grocer Customer Experience
vs standard supermarket

Queuing during shopping                     None

Speed of shopping                                   84% faster

Ease of shopping                                      100% easier

Access to stores                                         100% more

Shopping Personalisation                      100%

Product range vs local competitors    78%


Our stores are faster to open, more economical to build and cheaper to operate

We use sustainable, recyclable materials. Minimal requirement of heavily processed materials.

Emissions &
Carbon Footprint

Our model reduces supermarket emissions by 5,566 metric tons (CO₂) per year. 

Our store will generate its own power through inovative solutions built into our store. 97% Off The Grid model

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